Friday, May 9, 2014

Kelsey's (Queeston Location)

Recently, I've discovered that certain Kelsey's locations have half prized appetizers during 2:00 - 5:00  (pretty sure) and 9:00 - close Sunday through Thursday. Fortunately for me, the Kelsey's in my area has the promotion making it an inexpensive stop. This time, I decided to give something new a try out of their new "Keep Calm and Eat Happy" (how cute) menu... Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps! What really drew me in was that it is a healthier choice out of the appetizers. As described in its name, this starter comes with a chicken breast and vegetables filling. Personally, it wasn't my favourite but it wasn't horrible. The taste definitely resembles a popular asian dish... can't really put my finger on it though. Although the lettuce wrap wasn't a hit for me, the calmari is always good. Kelsey's has switched their sauce for this dish which I feel was a bad decision since I really liked the previous sauce so instead, I dipped the calamari in the sauce that came with the lettuce wrap starter (could be sweet chilli thai sauce used on wings). Obviously, I had to get a dessert. I opted for something new - Go Nuts Donuts! Despite the name, this dessert is nothing like a donut... it's not even round! Instead, Go Nuts Donuts are rectangular deep fried doughs with a generous Nutella filling topped off with icing sugar with peanut butter or toffee caramel sauce on the side for dipping. The server didn't ask which sauce I wanted and served the rich peanut butter with our "donuts"... if you haven't already tried, Nutella and peanut butter are the perfect match. The dessert came with only a few pieces but it was so rich that my boyfriend and I had to pack the rest. For those who haven't gone, Kelsey's is a general restaurant usually with a bar side and dining area so it's nothing fancy and makes a great place for a family Friday night dinner or even for a drink or two while watching your favourite sport. Thanks for visiting!

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