Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gelato Di Carlotta

Awhile ago, I had visited Niagara-on-the-Lake to explore local dessert shops. One of the two stores I visited was Gelatto di Carlotta and boy am I glad that I did. That day, the owner was working and he quickly approached us with a friendly smile. Right away, I notcied his display of cakes which sounded and looked amazing. The owner was extremely informative and told us all about his organic gelato. Furthermore, inside the dainty shop was a board with similar infortmation and noting the origins of the gelato ingredients such as the "pistachios from Bronte in Sicily". After trying a few different flavours, my boyfriend and I chose mango; as we headed over to the cash register, he introduced us to the gelato slider device. "The gelato stays cold on the inside and warm on the outside"', he explained. Intrigued by this, I asked him to put our mango gelato into the machine for a gelato slider with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Over in the corner my boyfriend and I sat down to try the appealing dessert. The owner kept intereacting with us while he was tidying up and offered us beverages. As I bit down into the warm slider a cold burst of mango followed - it was SO good! The dough was nothing special and I personally wish that it was sweet bread but thr mango gelato was very fresh and authentic! The owner (forgot his name!) seemeed very passionate about his business and had mentioned that he would like to expand his business. Hopefully one day there will be one closer to me but if you're in the area definitely grab a scoop of gelato. Thanks for reading!


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