Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chilli's (Niagara Falls, New York location)

Today I went to the states with my sister and boyfriend so of course we had to try something new! We all decided to give Chilli's a try since Olive Garden was packed due to Mother's day. When we walked in, there was a greeter to immediately approach and sit us. Looking at the wooden walls and photo of the desert on the wall, Chilli's definitely has a casual and western ambiance. Our server provided us with the menu; right away, the drinks caught our attention. My sister ordered a $3 sweetened watermelon lemonade and my boyfriend ordered a sweetened mango iced tea... they were both so refreshing and unique with prominent flavours of the fruit. We flipped through the inexpensive menu and decided to order the smokehouse burger with avocado for an additional .79 as well as the tripple dipper. The food came in a timely manner and the burger looked monstrous - it contained a meaty patty, fried onions, pickles, lettuce, avocado, and bacon! Both the burger and the sides of fries were delicious although they could have added more avocados (if you can't tell already I'm obsessed with avocados haha). The tripple dipper that my boyfriend had ordered is a sample appetizer dish where he had the choice of three appetizers out of nine amazing choices. He decided to choose the items that were pictures: Big Mouth Bites (burgers), Boneless Buffalo Wings, and the Southern Eggrolls. For only $11.50 he got three small portions of these three amazing appetizers along with three different sauces. The tiny burgers consisted of a patty, cheese, and fried onions, wings were good - I especially loved the wings since the sauce is just spicy enough - and the eggrolls were definitely something new but they tasted very similar to taquitos (yum!). The service is awesome and our server checked up on us a few times as well as an older man, whom I'm assuming is the manager. The food was so filling that we didn't even have enough room for desserts. Chill's was amazing and I would definitely visit again for a delicious and inexpensive meal. Thanks for reading!

$10.50 (+ .79)


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