Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cultures (Square One Location)

Today will be one of the many "fast food" reviews to come because I am highly unmotivated to cook my own meals, haha. For approximately a year now, I have been trying to make healthier choices to get that ideal toned tummy! If you're like myself and trying to eat a little cleaner Culture's is the perfect place for you. They offer whole foods and super clean meals and snacks such as: mixed greens topped with smoked salmon and the dressing of your choice, frozen yogurt served with fruit or even a brown rice dish with sweet potato, avocado, corn, chicken with a side of chipotle sauce... all so deliciously clean! Today, I decided to get the three salad deal for $8. They had about seven salads to choose from which made it kind of hard to choose since they were all so appealing but I ended up with the fruit, greek and three cheese broccoli. Of course, I couldn't resist but to get a mango pineapple smoothie made with real mangos and pineapple and frozen yogurt which came to about $5. Although the norm for a "fast food" restaurant (quoatations since "fast food" reminds me of your typical McDonald's menu) is mediocre service - based on personal experiences- , the staff was so incredibly kind. Since I have a avocado fetish I asked for a scoop of it expecting some sort of fee; however, the cashier said it would be free of charge. Furthermore, another lady whom I believe is the person in charge or even the owner provided excellent customer service and advised the cashier to scoop the salads generously. I love this chain and wished there were more locations seeing as I have only seen three - Mapleview, Burlington*, and Square One. If interested, I would suggest the Southwest bowl that I described above or the Smoked Salmon Bagel... so good. Again, thanks for visiting!

$8 $5

* The mango pineapple smoothie I had ordered was generously made with real mangos and pineapples at the Square One location so when I was shopping at Mapleview, I had to order one. However, the smoothie that I purchased at the Mapleview Mall location was nothing compared to the first smoothie - the lady handed me a white cup of smoothie. Within the first sip I could already tell that the smoothie lacked a significant amount of fruits... instead, the whole smoothie was practically made of yogurt. When I informed the ladies that the smoothie only seemed to consist of yogurt, they spoke amongst themselves and settled the issue with a mere "we always make it like this" while showing me fruits. I would definitely not order a smoothie at the Mapleview location again.

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