Monday, May 5, 2014

Earls (Burlington Location)

As usual, my experience at Earl's was delicious! My visit was during their "appy hour" where they have select appetizers at a lower price and all daily drink specials available. If anyone is interested in giving the place a try definitely visit between 3:00 - 6:00 on any day to take advantage of their deals. This particular location is attached to Mapleview Mall just below the food court. When you first walk in there is almost always a friendly host to guide you to your seat. The decor and furniture is fairly simple yet extremely classy similar to the girl's uniforms - tshirt and a bandage skirt accompanied with small heels. Although it was a Monday and an odd hour, the restaurant had quite a bit of customers therefore my boyfriend and I got sat down at a specific able without a choice as we usually would, which we did not mind. Right away, I knew what I wanted to order... Santa Fe Salad, my absolute favourite salad besides one at Milestone (which I shall save for a later date) and of course some alcoholic drink on the side. My boyfriend quickly ordered a $4 Corona, one of the drink specials for Monday. In attempt to take advantage of the appy hour promotion he asked for the "appy hour dry ribs" which were advertised for only $8. Not too sure if our server was not that knowledgable of the menu or not but she asked if he wanted a full or half rack and notified him of the sides that it supposedly came with because on our bill he got charged for regular ribs which are $25. However, we didn't mind since the ribs are always so delicious and tender; the sides included are warm potato salad and coleslaw. The great thing about reataurants is that substitutions can always be made! Instead of the coleslaw, fries were opted at no charge. The Santa Fe Chicken Salad that I get almost every single time includes: a mixture of greens, black beans, corn, feta cheese, avocado and dates drizzled in peanut lime vinegarette with a small portion of their amazing cajun chicken. The only annoying occurance was that our server charged us an extra $1.50 for a quarter of an avocado when she checked up with us since I have never been charged extra before. Nonetheless,  the food came out at an appropriate time and it was amazing! First came the $4.50 bellini special I ordered... nothing that special compared to the food. The tender ribs paired with the warm potato salad and fries were an amazing match and everything tasted perfect; the small portion of the potato salad was topped off with bacon, sour cream and chives. The salad is always so filling that I can barely finish it (or it could be that I eat most of my boyfriend's meal). The salad is pretty unique since there is an unexpected sweetness from the dates. Don't worry if you don't like dates because the first time I ordered the salad I didn't even realize there were dates - I just loved the random sweet bites since I have a huge sweet tooth! To end off, I had to order dessert. Earl's seem to frequently change their feature/seasonal menu and was dissapointed to find out that they no longer had their warm chocolate banana cake. However,  I ordered the Sticky Toffee Pudding and it is always so delicious... what dessert isn't?  The toffee cake is covered with chocolate sauce and I believe a toffee sauce too. Paired with the cake is a edible toffee basket with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato topped off with a mint, how cute. The trio together is a perfect match because the basket isn't too sweet. Overall, everything went out well and the food was beyond perfection. Sorry about the long post and thanks for stopping by!

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