Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bedrock Bistro

Waking up at 2:00 probably wasn't the best idea since I was craving breakfast food as soon as my eyes were open. Although breakfast menus were long over that time I wasn't too dissapointed since I was craving something with hollandaise sauce. Obviously, that was calling for for an all-day breakfast restaurant! My boyfriend and I decided to go to Bedrock Bistro - a Flinstone-themed all-day-breakfast restaurant (they also have a lunch and dinner menu) located in the east end of Hamilton. Right away, we were greeted with an extrememly unenthusiastic hostess who sat us down. Being a themed restaurant, the furniture isn't up-to-date but they do have a few televisions playing Flinstone as shown below. I didn't get to thoroughly look at the menu but it seemed that only the Egg's Benedict dish has the hollandaise sauce so of course that is what I ordered  (for those who don't know what hollandaise sauce is, it's a mixture of egg yolk and liquid butter with some other seasonings). My boyfriend on the other hand ordered the eight ounce Barney's Sirloin Steak and Eggs served with a side of home fries and toast. While we waited for our food the waitress brought out the bottles of condiments which decreased my appeptite just a little. The lids were evidently not cleaned on a regular basis and the HP sauce lid even had a hair like object stuck on the lid. However, the food made up for it since the home fries were amazing - lightly seasoned crispy exterior with a warm and soft centre. The eggs benedict on the other hand was a little disappointing. I usually really enjoy the english muffin but today seemed a little off; furthermore, I found an eggshell in the egg. The steak was really tender and only costed an additional $1 to add on fried mushrooms and onions. Food is usually really good here but service is always mediocre - seems as if the older wait staff are only concerned of the older customers - this visit, the waiter didn't even check up on us. All in all, Bedrock Bistro will fulfill your needs if you're seeking an inexpensive and good meal in the area. Thanks for stopping by!

$13 (+1) $8

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